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Yoga is not a work out | Why it is more than just “Exercise”

Many people (myself included) start practicing yoga for the physical benefits it provides. This includes increases in strength and flexibility, weight loss, and muscle toning. However, after practicing for a while, you’ll begin to realize that yoga is not a work out and is more than just exercise.

Yoga is not a work out Why it is more than just Exercise

Yoga is not a work out

Time for yourself

One of the things I love so much about yoga is that it gives me an excuse to have time to myself. During my yoga practice, I go into a room alone, roll out my mat, and physically and mentally “checkout” from the world around me.

Go within

When practicing, you are able to go within. You can spend some quality time not just alone, but with yourself. Think about it: even when you sit alone in your car or in your office – your mind is still racing a million miles a minute. You think about everything – from what’s for dinner and lunch to problems at work or home.

Think of those thoughts as a bunch of people in the room with you – shouting all your thoughts out-loud. Would you consider yourself alone in this situation? No, of course not.

Yoga gives you silence

When you’re practicing yoga, you have a unique opportunity to quite all those shouting thoughts – be alone and go within to spend time only with yourself.

While you practice, pay attention to the pose. Pay attention to your breath. Pay attention to the silence, your teacher’s voice, or soft music you may be listening to.

Allow yoga to be more than just “exercise”

When you do these things – yoga becomes more than just an “exercise.”

It becomes an active meditation… a sanctuary… a quiet reprieve…

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