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What is mula bandha/closure or root lock?

Bandhas, or body locks, are intentional muscle contractions. According to yoga, by contracting or locking specific muscles we can change blood circulation and nerve pressure. We can also direct our breath, or prana life energy, into or out of specific energy channels in our bodies. So, what is mula bandha? Mula bandha is a primary bandha in yogic practice that helps to achieve control over your breath and awaken Kuṇḍalinī.

What is mula bandha

What is mula bandha?

Mula Bandha is also known as Mul Bandha, Closure, or Root Lock. This lock brings the prana and apana energies into balance. Prana is the incoming breath or life source, while apana is the exhalation or the downward flow of eliminative energy. Applying the Root Lock reverses each energies natural flow – bringing the apana up and the prana down to meet in the navel center.

How to do the root lock?

It is difficult to describe the process of the root lock. This is because the muscles that must be contracted are not easily defined. But let’s give it a try:

  1. Come into Rock Pose or sitting on a chair.
  2. Exhale completely
  3. At the end of your exhale, hold the breath out and contract the perineum muscles.
  4. Draw the abdominal muscles in and up.
  5. Release the muscles and begin the inhale.
  6. As you inhale, imagine the energy you just locked as it is released and moves up the spine with the breath.

Mula Bandha is often applied when holding yoga poses that require grounding. Some examples include Tree PoseMountain Pose and Downward Facing Dog.

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