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What do you wear to yoga on your feet?

For your first yoga class, there really are no rules on what you can wear. The only thing you have to ensure it is that you are comfortable and able to do your poses effectively. Most of the yoga practitioners believe that yoga should be practiced barefoot. But if you are not really comfortable with it then what do you wear to yoga on your feet?

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What do you wear to yoga on your feet

What do you wear to yoga on your feet?

Most of yoga practitioners prefer to practice yoga bare feet. A lot of us are not really comfortable walking with bare feet into a yoga class. In such cases what are the options that are available. If you have to wear something to yoga on your feet, you can explore yoga socks as an alternative.

Here are some yoga socks available in the market today:

QING Yoga Socks

Ozaiic Yoga Socks

RATIVE Anti Slip Non Skid Yoga Socks

How do you choose the perfect socks for your yoga practice?

While choosing socks for your yoga practice, there are a few things that you have to keep in mind in terms of what you are looking for.

Your yoga socks should be made of breathable material

You should not be wearing anything that has a non-breathable material during your yoga practice. So you should consider yoga socks made of materials like cotton.

The only point of concern here is the fact that some of these materials do not provide adequate anti-slip protection. This is why a number of yoga socks available in the market today have added rubber grips at the bottom.

These rubber grips provide sufficient hold on yoga mats of the studio floor to avoid any slipping while you are practicing yoga poses.

Your socks need to be machine washable

During your yoga sessions you will be sweating a lot. Also if you are practicing yoga in a yoga class or studio, they will be exposed to a lot of dirt and germs. That is why you should never buy yoga socks which is not machine washable.

This is to ensure that will be able to practice yoga with comfort and with required amount of cleanliness.

Your yoga socks should provide protection against slipping

As mentioned, one reason for practicing yoga bare feet is the fact that your feet provide better anti-slip properties as compared to socks or a shoe.

So, anti-slip protection is the most critical thing that you can look for in a yoga sock.


In conclusion, if you are worried about what to wear to yoga on your feet, most yoga practitioners would recommend to practice yoga with bare feet. However, there is no rule against wearing socks during your practice. On the other hand, you should be wearing shoes only if you are planning to practice yoga outdoor you are suffering from some kind of injury.

For seniors or people who have mobility issues, it is advisable to start with yoga socks which provide sufficient anti-slip protection and then decide if they want to graduate to bare feet or not.

Frequently asked questions

Should you practice yoga barefoot and what are the reasons for it?

Traditionally yoga is practiced bare feet and most yoga practitioners would not really appreciate the thought of wearing shoes or even socks during the yoga sessions. Most of yoga practitioners recommend the practice of yoga barefoot as compared to practicing yoga with yoga shoes or socks.

One important pragmatic reason for this is the fact that it with bare feet you are able to find better contact with the floor and achieve better balance.

It is recommended because barefoot yoga practice helps the arch of your feet if you suffer from regular pain in that area. Practicing bare feet also allows for better stability and enhances your ability to achieve yoga poses faster.

Wearing shoes or socks also reduces the grip of your feet on the yoga mat which can lead to slipping and can make you prone to injury also.

For all the standing poses like the Tadasan or the sun salutation, bare feet allow for better balance.

If you are practicing yoga with bare feet on an uneven surface, your feet are able to adjust themselves according to the contours of the surface and provide support. This is not possible if you are doing it with shoes on.

Spiritual reason to practice yoga bare feet

If you talk about the spiritual side of yoga, it aims to find a better balance between your mind and your body. Practicing bare feet helps you to be more aware of your body and I have found it to be more enjoyable as compared to practicing it which shoes or socks.

Why should you practice yoga with shoes or socks?

There are some good reasons of providing some protection to your feet during your yoga practice as a beginner.

Firstly, wearing some kind of protection for feet is advisable for seniors while practicing yoga along with people who are suffering from an injury or for people who have some issues with their feet. Once they are able to recognize their limitations after regular practice, they can take an informed decision of whether they want to practice bare feet or not.

Yoga socks or shoe is also recommended for beginners because the standing poses like the Vrikshasana have you putting a lot of pressure on the arch of your leg and on a small group of muscles. Doing it without regular practice can have a detrimental effect and in such cases it would be advisable to start with some support.

Do you wear socks to yoga?

If you are not comfortable being completely barefoot in your yoga class, you can definitely wear socks but you need to be conscious of the fact that it can lead to you slipping in some of the more difficult poses.

That is why it is extremely critical to invest in socks which have non-slip pads that provide better grip on the yoga mat. There are a lot of specialized socks which are are available in the market for yoga practitioners.

Do you wear shoes for yoga?

It is usually not advisable to wear shoes during yoga. But if you are facing some problem with your feet or are trying to practice yoga outdoors, wearing shoes or sandals will not be a bad idea.

The yoga shoes which are available in the market today are made of foam or rubber which acts as shock absorbent and these shoes resemble ballet shoes in design.

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