The Seventh Chakra – Sahasrara Crown Chakra

The seventh Chakra – The Crown Chakra – Sahasrara

The Seventh Chakra – Sahasrara Crown Chakra

The 7th Chakra is associated with thought.

The Crown Chakra, the last chakra in the system, is located at the top of the head. It’s associated with information, understanding and comprehension.

The Crown Chakra represents thought and wisdom. It is considered the “seat of enlightenment” and the ultimate state of consciousness. Each of the chakras are associated with a form of interaction with the world around us. (5th – seeing, 4th – speaking, 3rd – doing, etc).

The seventh chakra is associated with KNOWING. It is through knowing, or wisdom, that we gain true enlightenment. At the same time, if we reach enlightenment, we will understand all there is to know.

By knowingwisdom, and understanding, we are not talking about something one can find in a book or article. This type of knowledge can not be talked or written about. It can only be experienced. According to the principles of yoga, practicing asanas, meditation and pranayama are three ways to access this higher plan of existence called enlightenment.

Physiologically, the crown chakra relates to the brain as well as the pituitary or “master” gland. The pituitary gland controls several key bodily functions such as growth, blood pressure, water balance, and thyroid function. Just as the pituitary gland has a direct effect on essential bodily functions, the 7th chakra has a direct effect on all previous chakras before it.

Exactly opposite from the 1st chakra, the crown chakra contains no physical or worldly boundaries. In the mind, via our thoughts, we can visit the past, the present, the future. We can go to Europe, Asia, America – all in an instant. In this sense, the 7th chakra transcends space and time, providing limitless possibilities.

You can also refer to our posts on first, second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth chakra for a detailed understanding of the seven chakras.

The Crown Chakra

The crown chakra has two purposes: worldly and otherworldly. In the worldly sense, your energy moves downward from the 7th chakra down to the 1st chakra. In this way, we move our lives forward by thinking, acting, giving and receiving. We can do this unconsciously, whereby we do not fully understand the events, twists and turns in our lives. Or, we can move our lives forward consciously. This conscious movement of our lives requires acute awareness and an understand of manifestation.

The 7th Chakra is associated with Amethyst

Manifestation begins in the 7th chakra- it is here that we first imagine or think of something we may want, need, or expect. In the 6th chakra we hold that thought, see it (mentally), and allow it to become real to us. In the remaining chakras we begin to act on our thought to make it a reality. We do this by communicating (5th chakra), inspiration (4th chakra), doing (3rd chakra), creating (2nd chakra), and finally manifesting into reality (1st chakra).

In order to experience the otherworldly purpose of the crown chakra, our energy will move upwards to the heavens and beyond. By redirecting our energy upwards, we can experience the transcendence and bliss of enlightenment.

This brow chakra is associated with the color violet. The symbol for the 7th Chakra is a 1,000 petal white lotus flower. In Hinduism, the number 0 represents infinity. Therefore, 1,000 represents infinity to the utmost. Within the lotus flower is a circle representing the full moon.

Blocks in the Crown Chakra

Blocks in this chakra may cause depression, confusion, alienation, boredom and apathy.

Meditation to Open the Seventh Chakra:

The best way to open the crown chakra is by practicing daily meditation. Try this meditation technique to work the 7th chakra:

Follow the Breath

Come in a comfortable position either seated on the floor or in a chair. Have the spine straight. Close the eyes and concentrate on the breath. Feel as it moves in and out of the nose. Feel as it expands the chest and stomach on the inhale, and contracts these areas on the exhale. Follow the breath with your mind. When other thoughts come into your mind, which they often will, do not allow your mind to follow them. Instead, take a brief moment to allow awareness of the thought, then let it drift away from you as you return your awareness on the breath. Continue this practice each day. Begin with 10 minute sessions, and gradually increase the time spent in this state.

Understand that at first this practice will be very difficult. Your mind will likely wander all over the place, like an untamed and excited stallion. Don’t allow this to bother you. Instead, realize that this is not only expected, but necessary. Go through it, and prevail. After a few weeks of daily meditation, you will see that it becomes easier. You’ll also see that your meditative and calm state will continue even after your meditation session is over. In this way, you will gradually open the 7th chakra and allow energy to flow freely both downwards and upwards.

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