The fifth chakra – Vishuddha throat chakra

The 5th Chakra – The Throat Chakra – Visuddha

The 5th Chakra represents sound.

The Fifth Chakra Vishuddha Throat Chakra

The Throat Chakra is aptly named as it is located in the region of the throat and larynx. This chakra is associated with communication and creativity.  Communication between humans occurs on many different levels. There is both verbal and non-verbal communication which can take place through speaking, writinghand gestures, body language, music, etc.

As we move up the chakra system, self and physical limitations are beginning to deteriorate. The first chakra is highly individual whereas the forth chakra is highly relational. As we move to the fifth chakra, this sense of individual boundaries continues to become less apparent. The forth chakra represents the exchange of emotions, specifically love, between two people. The fifth chakra represents the exchange of information, via communication, between two people.

The element sound or ether is represented by the fifth chakra. Sound is simply vibration, and ether represents the world of unseen vibration. The fifth chakra is the last of the chakras to be associated with an element as the sixth and seventh chakras are spirit chakras.

Our ability to communicate with each other through words originates in the throat and vocal cord area. As we expel air from our lungs, our vocal chords vibrate, causing the air (pulled from the fourth chakra) to produce the sound we desire in the fifth chakra.

 According to yoga and other eastern philosophies, the vibration created by sound can be a pathway to positive personal and spiritual transformation. It is this idea that fuels the concept of a mantra. A mantra is simply a sound, word, or collection of words that is repeated as a means to achieving some positive end. The power of mantra lies more in the vibrational sounds created than in the meaning of the words themselves.

Our cells, our bodies, our surrounding, our world, and our entire universe is made up of vibrations. Some of these vibrations operate in such a way that we can hear them (via sound), see them (via color), feel them (via heat), and sense them. The last conception of vibrations, sense, works on a very subtle level. For example, have you ever walked into a room full of people who were just having an argument? Even though the people may be silent, you likely “felt” the negativity in the room. You may say you felt a negative “vibe” or vibration. In this way, you have sensed a vibrational energy.

You can also refer to our posts on first, second, third, fourth, sixth and seventh chakra for a detailed understanding of the seven chakras.

The Throat Chakra

The chakra system itself operates on a series of vibrations. As we move up the chakras, the associated vibrations become faster and faster. The first chakra is solid, with a slow moving vibrational pattern, while the seventh chakra is thought, which vibrates extremely fast.

This chakra is associated with the color electric bright blue. The color blue has the fifth longest wavelength (520 nm) and fifth slowest frequency (570THz) in the visual color spectrum.

The symbol for the Throat Chakra is an bright blue sixteen petal lotus flower. The sixteen petals contain all the vowels of the Sanskrit language. Inside the lotus flower lies a full white circle representing the full moon.

Blocks in the Throat Chakra

Blocks in the throat chakra can lead to problems communicating or “finding your voice.” This refers not only to communication via the voice, but also communication through creative means such as art, writing, music, or dance. Blocks in this chakra can also manifest as prejudice and the inability to accept other points of view. 

It’s also important to note that lying and gossiping can lead to the 5th chakra becoming blocked.

The 5th chakra is associated with the mineral turquoise

Four Ways to Open the Fifth Chakra:

  • A great exercise for opening the throat chakra is simply to sing out loud! Find your favorite song, turn it up, and sing, sing, sing! 
  • Stand up for something you believe in. Write an essay about your point of view and submit it to a news source or publish it online. Speak to someone about an issue that concerns you. Make your voice heard.
  • Chant a mantra such as kirtan kriya.
  • Practice slow head rolls with a slightly open mouth.

Yoga Poses to Work the Fifth Chakra

Poses that work the throat area will help to open the fifth chakra:

Plow poseFish Pose
Supported shoulder stand

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