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How to start yoga practice at home?

Sometimes our busy life schedules just don’t allow us to take the yoga class we want.  Managing to balance our professional and personal lives may leave little time for that 90 minute class at the local yoga studio.  But that’s okay!  Once you’ve taken a few classes and received instruction regarding the proper position for poses, your muscles begin to remember the correct postures on their own. So here is a quick primer on how to start yoga practice at home.

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How to start yoga practice at home

How to start yoga practice at home?

If you’re thinking about furthering your yoga commitment by practicing yoga at home, here are five tips to help you honor this important commitment.  Even if you can’t put all five in place, two or three will help you implement your new yoga schedule.

Create a schedule

Before launching into a home yoga practice, really sit down and evaluate your schedule.  What times work best on what days?  Can you practice at the same time every day or will you need to alternate times on different days?  When blocking out time, you should also consider when yoga would be most beneficial to you.  For example, would you benefit most if you practiced early in the morning to energize yourself? Or would practicing be better in the evenings to help you relax and leave the workday behind?

Purchase needed equipment

Many studios provide different types of equipment for their students’ use including mats, blocks, blankets, and straps.  If you’re committed to enriching your yoga practice at home, you should consider initially investing in any equipment you may need to assist your practice.  It’s a good idea to have what you need on hand before beginning.

Set aside a specific space

Designate a specific area of your home or a beautiful outside space to practice yoga.  If the area is in your home, it should be clutter-free.  Consider creating a focal point to help your body maintain balance during more difficult poses as well.  If the area is outside at a local park or on the beach, scout out an area that is free from noise and other distractions.

Find a good DVD

Sometimes workouts are easier when an instructor is guiding you through them.  Many yoga studios offer DVDs for sale, or you could check out your local library’s selection.  Many cable companies offer fitness workouts as well through their On Demand option.  It may be a good idea to invest in several DVDs to have a variety of workouts available at your fingertips.  Consider purchasing different yoga workouts to accomplish different goals: flexibility, strength, and weight loss.

Reward yourself

Maintaining motivation to workout at home can be challenging: so reward yourself!  Create a simple chart outlining your plan to practice yoga.  It could be as simple as a calendar to track your completed workouts.  Once you’ve organized a system to hold yourself accountable, decide upon suitable rewards.  Perhaps for every week you meet your goal of finishing five workouts, you treat yourself to something small such as a smoothie or movie.  If you meet your monthly goal, perhaps you could treat yourself to a larger purchase such as those stylish yoga clothes you’ve had your eye on!


Practicing yoga at home is a wonderful idea to deepen your practice.  Everyone spends time in their home—why not commit to making this time more beneficial to you?  Starting small, such as adding just two workouts a week is a great idea; once you’ve adjusted successfully to this new schedule, consider adding more yoga until you’re practicing every day!

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