How long should you meditate for mindfulness and relaxation?

Meditation has been proven again and again to have positive effects on our physical and mental health. But exactly how long should you meditate for positive effects like mindfulness and meditation to be achieved.

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How long should you meditate

How long should you meditate for mindfulness and relaxation?

The truth is, even just a small amount of meditation will affect positive changes in your body. As illustrated above, after only 3 minutes your body begins to heal from meditation.

However, you will get the best results if you practice meditation regularly for at least 15 minutes every day. As a rule, after 40 days of daily meditation you will see very apparent positive mental and physical changes in your body and life.

According to yoga, it takes 1,000 days to master a new habit. According to the sages, keep practicing meditation for 1,000 days and you will surely realize things you never though possible.

Some basic meditation facts about meditation time required

According to yoga, meditation for the given periods of time has the following impact on your physiology.

  • 3 minutes: circulation and blood levels are positively affected.
  • 11 minutes: the pituitary and nerves are positively affected.
  • 22 minutes: the three mental states (positive, negative and neutral) come into balance.
  • 31 minutes: all of your mind and bodies elements begin to be positively affected.
  • 62 minutes: your subconscious mind begins to surface
  • 150 minutes: significant positive changes to your subconscious mind remain present even after meditation is complete.

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