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Crane pose or Crow pose (Bakasana/Kakasana) steps, benefits & precautions

The Crane pose, also referred to as the Crow pose, Bakasana or Kakasana is balancing pose in modern yoga practice.

It is an arm balancing pose where you balance the complete weight of your body on your hand.

This is an intermediate level yoga pose which is usually the first arm balancing pose practiced by beginner yoga practitioners. Regular practice of the yoga pose helps in improving the core strength and also strengthens hands, shoulders and wrists.

Crane pose or Crow pose steps, benefits & precautions

Bakasana/ Kakasana meaning

The name Bakasana or Kakasana is derived from sanskrit words with the following meanings:

  • ‘Baka’ meaning Crane/ ‘Kaka’ meaning Crow
  • ‘Asana’ meaning pose

The yoga pose gets its name from the similarity in its appearance to a Crane or a Crow.

Crane pose, cow pose, bakasana or kakasana

How to do the Crane pose?

Here is a step by step guide on how to do Bakasana.

Step one

To start with the Crane pose, you need to get into a squatting position on the floor in such a manner that your feet are together but your knees are about shoulder width apart.

Step two

Bend your knees slightly and take your body forward so that your shoulders are between your knees. Now place your palms on the floor at shoulder distance.

The distance between your palms and feet will be less than 1 feet at this point.

Spread the fingers of your hands and press the fingers on the ground. You will be putting your body weight on the fingers also in the final position.

Step three

Now bend your elbows and press your knees from their respective sides so that they are resting on the back of your upper arms.

Step four

Lift your body on its toes with the weight being balanced on your palms and fingers. Now try and shift the weight in the forward direction but keep your head straight.

Continue bringing your weight forwards and lift your feet one after another from the ground.

You should keep your shoulders, elbow and wrists in line in the final pose. There is a tendency to widen the distance between elbows which you should strictly avoid.

Step five

Hold the pose. Your whole body will be engaged as one unit while you are in this pose. Your knees will be resting on your arms. 

Stretch your feet in the upward direction towards your buttocks.

Keep breathing normally and hold the pose for 15-20 breaths.

Step six

To release the pose, bring both your feet down to the ground slowly and move your knees from the upper arms. Then get back to the squatting position from step one.

Benefits of the Crane pose/ Crow pose

  1. Crane/Crow pose engages the complete core muscles of the yoga practitioner and leads to massive improvement in the core strength.
  2. Since the yogi balances his whole body weight on the arms, wrist and palms while keeping his abdominal muscles engaged, Bakasana helps in improving the strength of your upper body.
  3. With regular practice of this yoga pose, there is a marked increase in the sense of balance for yoga practitioners. It also improves the awareness about your body.
  4. Regular practice of this asana rejuvenates the body and improves your ability to concentrate & focus.

Precautions and contraindications

  1. This yoga pose should not be performed by pregnant women as it puts a lot of pressure on abdominal muscles.
  2. Anyone who suffers from wrist issues like the Carpal tunnel syndrome or has a wrist injury should avoid this yoga pose completely as it can aggravate the problem.
  3. People who have or are recovering from a shoulder or back injury should not try to practice the Crane pose.
  4. People with problems like hernia and arthritis should also not practice Bakasana.
  5. Since this is the first arm balancing yoga pose that a lot of yogis practice, it takes some time to get a sense of center of gravity. That is why it might be advisable to use yoga accessories like yoga blocks or yoga bolsters for support to save yourself from any untoward injuries.

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