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Bound angle pose, butterfly pose (Baddha konasana) steps, benefits and precautions

Baddha Konansana, also referred to as the Butterfly pose or the Cobbler’s pose is a popular seated yoga pose. This pose is highly preferred by beginner yoga practitioners since it is a basic stretch that can be practiced without any risk of injury. For people with stiff joints, use of yoga props like yoga blankets, yoga blocks or yoga bolsters can be done for support.

Bound angle pose steps, benefits and precautions

Baddha konasana meaning

The name of this asana is composed of three words.

  • ‘Baddha’ meaning bound
  • ‘Kona’ meaning angle
  • ‘Asana’ meaning pose

The name literally translates to bound angle pose.

Since the body shape during this posture is similar to the shape of a butterfly in motion, it is also referred to as the butterfly pose. The name ‘Cobbler’s pose’ is due to its similarity to the seating position of a cobbler while performing his daily tasks.

Bound angle pose (Baddha konasana) steps, benefits and precautions

How to do the Bound angle pose?

Here is a step by step guide on how to do the bound angle pose or baddha konasana.

Step one

Seat on a yoga mat or floor with your spine erect and both your legs in a straight position.

Step two

Bend your knees and bring your feet closer to your pelvis. Allow your knees to fall to either side of your body while you bring the soles of both feet together.

Step three

Bring your feet as close as possible to your body. Ensure that you are comfortable and are not overstretching. If you feel any pain sensation in your knees or legs, release the pose.

Please don’t try to force your knees to the ground while you are doing this step.

Step four

While you are in the position from step 3, take up to 10 breaths normally. You have to see that you don’t round your shoulders and keep your spine erect. Your shoulders should also be stretched outwards.

While you are in this position, the outer edges of your feet may begin to open. You can hold the toe of your feet with your hands to keep them in position.

Step five

To release the pose, let go of your toes and straighten your legs. Take a deep breath to relax.

Benefits of Bound angle pose

  1. Baddha konasana improves blood circulation throughout the body
  2. It helps in providing stimulation to your bladder, kidneys and prostate gland.
  3. The butterfly pose helps in improving the strength and flexibility of your knees and thighs. It also opens up your hips.
  4. For people suffering from anxiety, it helps in reducing stress and rejuvenates the mind.
  5. It is also documented that regular practice of this asana can help in reducing respiratory issues like Asthma.

Precautions and Contraindications

  1. Cobbler’s pose should not be practiced by anyone who is suffering from a leg or knee injury as it puts a lot of stress on these body parts.
  2. If you are not able to push your knees down to the ground, you should not force it as it can lead to untoward injuries. You can use yoga accessories to make the pose more comfortable.
  3. Baddha konasana is not advisable for people suffering from any cardiac or blood pressure issues.
  4. If you are suffering from Sciatica, you can aggravate the issue if you stretch beyond your comfort. It is advisable to practice the butterfly pose with the help of a yoga accessory in such cases.

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