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Boat pose, Navasana, Naukasana steps, benefits and precautions

Navasana or the boat pose is also called Naukasana or Paripurna navasana. It is a yoga pose performed in the seated position.

Boat pose, Navasana, Naukasana steps, benefits and precautions

Navasana/Naukasana meaning

The name of the Asana is made from two sanskrit words.

  • ‘Nava’/’Nauka’ meaning a boat
  • ‘Asana’ meaning a pose
Boat pose, Navasana, Naukasana steps, benefits and precautions

How to do the boat pose?

Here is a step by step guide on how to do the boat pose or navasana.

Step one

Lie down on a yoga mat/floor with your legs straight. Keep your feet together and both your arms on the sides. Ensure that your fingers are straight and pointing towards your feet.

Step two

Take a deep breath and lift your upper body and feet off the mat/floor at the same time. Once both extremities of your body are off the ground, lift up your arms and point them towards your feet.

In the pose both your legs and upper body are at an angle of 30-45 degrees from the ground. Try and keep your legs straight and do not bend your shoulders while practicing this asana.

Step three

Breathe normally and hold the pose. You will feel some tension in your abdomen while you are in the pose. Focus and try to keep your back and lower abdomen engaged during the pose.

In this position, the full weight of your body will be there on your pelvis where you will be holding the position on the tripod of your two sitting bones and the tailbone.

Continue to hold the pose for 30-45 seconds. After that bring your body to the starting position while exhaling slowly.

Step four

Repeat the Boat pose 3-4 times.

Benefits of the Boat pose

  1. The boat pose is a very good yogasana for your core strength. It strengthens your abdomen and spine.
  2. This asana leads to an improve digestive system.
  3. Navasana/nauskana helps in reducing stress and body fatigue as well.
  4. The unique pose provides stimulation to your kidneys, thyroid and prostate gland. 

Precautions and Contradictions of Navasana

  1. People with health conditions like Asthma, Diarrhea or headache should not practice this asana.
  2. The yoga pose is not advisable for pregnant women as well.
  3. Anyone who has heart problems or blood pressure issues should avoid Navasana.
  4. It is better for people who have any back or neck issues to not practice this asana as it puts pressure on your spine. In some cases, you can try and practice it with the help of supportive yoga accessories or taking support of a wall. However, please take the guidance of an experienced yoga practitioner before trying anything like this.

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