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Best yoga strap | Top picks & ultimate buying guide

When you are starting your yoga practice you often need help of yoga accessories which help you in achieving a deeper stretch without any risk of injuries. Use of yoga straps as a resource is something that is often overlooked by most of the yoga practitioners. The use of best yoga strap allows you to grab something while you are trying to to get into the difficult yoga poses. It also enables you to maintain your motion range without getting obstructed by the yoga prop.

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Best yoga strap- Our top picks

Here are our top picks for the best yoga strap available in the market today.

Manduka Align Yoga Strap

Manduka is one of the best known brands in the yoga accessories space. This  strap is made of cotton and is lightweight yet strong. It has a zinc alloy buckle which holds safely and avoids any slipping while practicing yoga. This is a lightweight and extremely durable product.

Clever Yoga

This strap is very sturdy and flexible. It is perfect for yoga practitioners because it is made from thick cotton which not only provides high durability but also does not slip easily. As a result it holds even during the advanced yoga poses and increases your flexibility and improves your posture.

It is made from hundred percent non toxic material

Gaiam Eco Conscious Organic Cotton Strap

This cotton strap helps you in deepening your stretches and improves the flexibility of your body.

It has a D-ring buckle which does not slip and keeps the strap in place. The strap is made with 100% organic cotton and is environment friendly.

Yoga EVO stretch bands


The REEHUB strap is available in multiple sizes and it provides any support that you might need in holding your yoga poses. It is made of polyester and cotton. The material provides sufficient softness and comfort to your skin. It is also very durable.

It has D-ring buckles which can be adjusted easily and hold on to the strap without any slipping.

This strap is not only useful during your yoga sessions but will also come in handy during Pilates or physical therapy if required.

Tumaz Yoga Strap

How to choose the best yoga strap: factors to consider

The most important factor that you should consider while choosing a yoga strap is its durability. It should be able to withstand the damage that it will be subjected to during your yoga sessions.

Choosing the ideal yoga strap for you is not very difficult but there are some important factors that you should be taking into account.

Material of the yoga strap

Most of the yoga straps available in the market are made either of polyester or cotton. Both of these materials are comfortable and easy to use. At the same time they provide good durability.

One thing that is very important in the material of yoga strap is that it has to feel comfortable against your skin and it should be stretchable. 

In addition, the yoga strap material also needs to be slip-resistant because it will be used to hold your body in different yoga poses. That is why it should be able to offer resistance without any slipping. This ensures safety and avoids any chances of untoward injuries.


Durability of the yoga strap is a direct function of the kind of material which is used for it. It is very important for it to be durable since it should be able to overcome the long term wear and tear that it will be subjected to. Since, the strap will be used for stretching and holding your body in position during different stretches, its strength also becomes extremely critical.

Type of closure

The type of closure used for the strap has a significant effect on your yoga practice. If the closure has a tendency of slipping during your practice, the chances of getting injured are also higher.

There are straps available in the market with the following types of closures:

  1. D-ring 
  2. Buckle closure
  3. No closure

For people who are just starting their yoga practice, use of a D-ring closure might be most suitable because it is easy to operate and very secure.

The buckle is also a good alternative to the D-ring because it also minimizes the chances of slipping.

For people who are extremely experienced practitioners, even no closure straps are fine. The reason is that they can get into different yoga poses without needing the support of a closure. And such yoga straps offer the most amount of flexibility in terms of usage.

Length of the yoga strap

These straps are available in multiple lengths ranging from 6 feet to 10 feet. The most popular one out of these is the 6 feet long straps. However, if you are a taller individual you can choose the one that feels most comfortable to you.

The important thing is to ensure that your strap is offering you sufficient margin in terms of slack so that there is no limitation in achieving any position due to strap length.

Best yoga strap

Ecological friendliness

Yoga has been gaining a lot of popularity in in past few decades which means there has been a massive increase in the number of of yoga products in the market. Since yoga is all about integrated living and sustainability, it is important to choose products which are more environment friendly.

Pricing of the strap

A yoga strap will be your regular companion in all yoga sessions. Although it is not a very costly yoga accessory but it’s really important to choose the right product for you because issues like  slipping will spoil your whole yoga experience.

What are the benefits of a yoga strap for yoga practitioners?

Increases in body flexibility

Whether you are a starter or an inexperienced yoga practitioner, yoga straps will help you in in doing deepest stretches by providing support. Particularly for people who are just starting their yoga practice, knowing how to use a yoga strap to achieve the difficult yoga poses can be extremely fruitful. 

Regular practice with it will definitely lead to a substantial increase in body flexibility and overall well being.

Improvement in posture

While doing different asanas it is very important to maintain proper alignment and posture. In fact this is one of the most overlooked aspect even by experienced yogis which sometimes leads to injuries or long term side effects.

Yoga strap help you to maintain the correct alignment in your body while performing yoga asanas. Through long term usage they lead to an improvement in your overall posture and reduction in instances of issues like rounded Shoulders or hunched backs.

Reduced chances of injury

These straps are a godsend to avoid injuries for individuals who have relatively lesser flexibility in their body. When you are just starting your yoga practice sometimes you can stretch your body too much and suffer from a pulled muscle or or an injury.

Yoga strap will allow you to try even the difficult aasanas without really worrying about getting into a wrong posture or getting injured while trying to do it.

Best yoga strap stretches for flexibility

Increase in effectiveness of yoga poses

As mentioned before it is very important to maintain the right posture and alignment of your body while practicing yoga poses. 

If you are practicing yoga at home or not doing it under the guidance of a teacher, keeping track of all the technicalities like breathing and posture can become a bit much when you are just starting.

This issue can be partially addressed by the use of a yoga strap which can help you in maintaining your posture while providing support for your body to try different yoga poses.


The kind of yoga strap which is right for you depends a lot on your experience level and where you are in your yoga journey. The best yoga strap for you is dependent on a number of factors that we have highlighted in this article.

It is an extremely versatile yoga accessory that can make your yoga sessions more effective by improving your posture and by preventing and untoward injuries.

Frequently asked questions

What is a yoga strap?

Yoga strap is an extremely beneficial yoga prop which can enable you in taking your yoga practice to a higher level irrespective of whether you are a beginner or an experienced yoga practitioner.


These supportive bands help you in achieving deeper stretches and improve the flexibility of your body. They also help in improving your posture and overall balance.

Why are yoga straps required?

These straps are definitely indispensable for people who are just starting with their yogic journey.  The reason is that it takes a good amount of time for new yoga practitioners to master different yoga poses and to reap their benefits.

At the same time they also need to learn the proper breathing techniques and the technicalities of bodily form and postures during these poses.

A yoga strap would help them in achieving these difficult yoga asanas and built up their confidence.

They are also a very flexible yoga accessory which can be used in a variety of ways. These straps can also be used for Pilates. They can be helpful for stretching, for improving your posture and for an increase in flexibility.

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