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Best yoga mat for hot yoga – the choices

If you are a regular practitioner of hot yoga then investing in yoga mat is one of the most critical things that you can do to improve your practice. Yoga mat will be the tool that you will use everyday and it will be the foundation of all your practice. So here are the choices of best yoga mat for hot yoga that are available in the market today.

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Best yoga mat for hot yoga – Options available in market today

Manduka eKOlite yoga mat

Manduka is one of the best known brands in the yoga mat space. There eKOlite mat offers much more grip as compared to to the other best selling mats like the manduka pro mat.

The eKO mat offers a natural rubber grip that prevent slipping. It is made from natural tree rubber and boasts of an uneven surface texture which provides improved grip and superior traction.

A closed cell surface avoids absorption of sweat and bacteria into the mat’s surface which makes it relatively easier to clean the mat after yoga class.

The mat also has ultra-dense questioning which gives support to your knees and other joints while practicing different yoga poses.

Jade harmony

Jade harmony is again a very well-known name in the yoga accessories space. This mat also offers you a great grip and very good level of traction since it is made of natural rubber which is better than the synthetic rubbers like PVC and TPE, which are available in the market today.

The mat also offers good cushioning and based on customer reviews, it provides an outstanding performance and durability as well.

The only issue with this mat is that it has an open cell structure which makes it more permeable. So, there is a give and take involved in grip versus ease of cleanliness here.

Liforme yoga mat

The liforme yoga mat is an alignment mat which also offers more supported cushioning for your joints. This mat offers more width and length as compared to the usual 68 inch conventional yoga mats available in the market today.

The mat is made from natural rubber and engineering eco polyurethane. The makers also claim that it is the best grip that is available in this segment in the market.

One added advantage is that the product comes with carry bag which means that taking this mat to the yoga class and back will be a breeze.

Gaiam dry grip mat

Gaiam dry grip yoga mat is an extra thick yoga mat which has a lightweight PVC padding and it also provides extra cushioning to your body. The mat boasts of a closed cell construction which means cleaning out will be easier.

According to the manufacturer, the mat starts developing a better grip when the temperature increases which means that it gives you grip and support irrespective of how hot or humid you are yoga class is.

The reason for this feature is that it created with a specialized top coating. The mat is lightweight and durable as well.

Clever yoga mat

This mat is extra thick to provide better support during your yoga sessions. The yoga mat has a non slip surface so that different poses can be practiced without worrying about stability.

The mat also has specialized underside which stops any sliding motion on the floor and a textured top surface that prevents your body from slipping out of position.

This makes holding your poses much more easier.

Aurorae synergy mat

This mat has been design specially for hot yoga sessions and it boasts of a built in towel which provides extra grip as the temperature and humidity increases.

The Synergy yoga mat is also US patent protected due to its unique design and manufacturing. The mat is durable, lightweight, odorless and extremely easy to maintain.

How to choose the right hot yoga mat for you for hot yoga?

The best yoga mat for hot yoga is the one that is specifically designed for sweaty conditions. These are made of special materials and textures which retain their grip for yogis even when there is a lot of moisture in the ambient conditions.

That is why when you are searching for the right yoga mat you should be looking for a mat that is designed to offer more traction than what is provided by the floor.

Hot yoga mats made of materials like microfiber or natural rubber will be able to achieve this stability without you worrying about injuring yourself or slipping during the difficult yoga poses.

best yoga mat for hot yoga

Such non-slip mats will hold their grip during the hot yoga sessions irrespective of the amount of sweat around. You can also opt for a mat with extra thickness if you are looking for some additional cushioning for your knees or for your joints.

What makes a hot yoga mat perfect?

A good grip is something which are non negotiable in mat for hot yoga. In addition, there are several other factors that you should take into consideration before you choose the perfect yoga mat for you.

Ease of cleaning up the yoga mat

Your hot yoga mat should be extremely easy to clean and should be completely low maintenance. During a hot yoga class your mat will be subject to two extreme sweat dirt and Jones. this means that it needs to be cleaned after every hot yoga class.

That is why if you end up buying a yoga mat which is high maintenance what takes hours to clean you will never be able to keep up with it..

If you have got a yoga mat that is made of a low absorbent material, just wiping your mat after the class should be sufficient. When your mat needs deep cleaning you can use a good quality mat cleaner available in the market.

You should get good grip during hot and humid conditions

We have discussed this before in this article but it bears repeating. If you do not take a specialized yoga mat to a hot yoga class you would be in constant fear of slipping or injuring yourself. Such conditions will make it difficult to make the most of your yoga class.

The mat should provide sufficient cushioning for your knees and for your joints

Finding the optimum thickness for your hot yoga mat is also very important. While practicing different yoga poses you need support for your joints including your knees and your elbows.

This is why yoga mat of good thickness is very important. The downside of having an extremely thick yoga mat is that it’s difficult to carry around to your class.

There are mats with standard thickness which are available in the market today but the actual choice of how much thickness you need is completely dependent on your individual requirement.

If you are someone who is just starting their practice of hot yoga has some mobility issues, are recovering from injury or you are a senior trying out hot yoga for the first time, I think a thick mat might be a more sensible choice for you to avoid discomfort and extra pressure.

yoga mat for hot yoga practice

If you do opt for hot yoga mat, please ensure that it is made up of non-permeable, non-absorbent material, anti-slip material so that it still provides you with the right amount of grip along with the cushioning.


Hot yoga or Bikram yoga is a more specialized form of traditional yoga practice where the poses are practiced in more hot and humid conditions. These specific conditions make it extremely critical for you to choose the right hot yoga mat for your hot yoga practice.

Choosing the yoga mat which provides you with the best grip, sufficiently cushions your joints and is easy to clean is highly advisable for such a requirement.

Why a yoga mat for hot yoga sessions is most critical for your practice?

Yoga mat with a good grip is something which is on everyone’s wish list but for hot yoga practice, it is a critical requirement.

Because of the humid and sweaty conditions that exist in a hot yoga or a Bikram yoga class, the risk of slipping, crashing into someone else or hurting yourself is a very feasible scenario you if you don’t have the right yoga mat.

This problem of most of the mats losing their grip when they encounter humid conditions is one of the biggest issues that new yoga hot practitioners face.

It is compounded by the fact that it is impossible to discern a suitable yoga mat from most of the options that are available in the market today, which are sold as the non-slip yoga mats.

This is why a good grip during the hot and humid conditions is the most critical factor that you have to look for while choosing your hot yoga mat.

For your hot yoga sessions, you will also need to take support of yoga towels and other accessories to help you with the sweat disadvantage.

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