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Best yoga mat bag | Top picks & ultimate buying guide

Starting your yoga practice does not require a lot of equipment. However choosing the best yoga mat is extremely critical because it is going to form the basis of all your yoga poses. If you practice yoga in a yoga studio and have to carry your yoga bag to your class regularly it can be quite exhausting. This is why investing in the best yoga mat bag along with your favorite yoga mat is the best decision that you can take on your path to become a yogi. 

Best yoga mat bag – Our top picks

When you are choosing the best mat bag, please ensure to check that the material of the bag is durable enough. Also the bag should be compatible with the size of your yoga mat and should have sufficient compartments to carry everything that you plan to carry to your class.

Here are our picks for the best yoga mat bag available in the market today.

Gaiam Full-Zip Cargo Pocket Mat Bags

The Gaiam yoga mat bag is made from 100% cotton. It is extremely functional in nature while being fashionable at the same time.

The bag has a flexible shoulder strap so that you can customize its length according to your convenience. It also has expandable front pockets to store your essentials.

One interesting thing about the bag is a back pocket which can be used to hold your phone or your MP3 player.

ELENTURE Full-Zip Exercise Mat Carry Bag

This bag is made up of high quality canvas and fabric. It boasts of full zipper design and has double shoulder strap which makes carrying the bag very easy.

The bag has separate pockets for yoga accessories and keys, mobile phone and other essentials. It has a large expandable front pocket and it is available in multiple color and design options.

Heathyoga Yoga Bag

The Healthyoga mat bag is made up of high quality canvas and cotton. It is very strong and has high durability. This is a large bag which comes with a double zip design.

It has sufficient storage space to hold your yoga mat and yoga accessories like a towel and other essentials. Like other yoga mat bags it comes with multi functional pockets and adjustable straps for convenient movement.

Ewedoos Yoga Bag 

This yoga mat bag boasts of a two pocket design. It has one large side pocket which is good enough to store your water bottle etc. The inner pocket of this yoga mat bag is basically used to store your valuables like wallets, phone and keys.

The back is made from high quality Canvas. It has a wide size and a longer strap which helps in carrying it around without getting tired.

Yogiii Mat Bag

The Yogiii mat bag also has two pockets. It is a multi purpose bag which can double up as a shopping bag as well along with your companion to your yoga sessions.

Lotuscrafts Mat Bag

The Lotuscrafts yoga mat bag offers sufficient space for bigger yoga mats as well. In addition, you can store yoga accessories like towels and your changing clothes in the bag as well.

The bag also comes with an inner pocket which can be used to store your valuables like money, keys and phone. It is made of environment friendly material that is crafted from pure organic cotton.

Selecting the best yoga mat bag: factors for consideration 

Material of the mat bag

Mat bags are made up of a variety of materials including nylon, canvas, cotton and polyester. Most of these bags come with adjustable carrying straps.

Most of yoga practitioners choose a canvas bag because it comes with water resistant properties and hence provides a safe storage place for yoga mats. In addition canvas is extremely durable and has a higher load bearing capacity.

Nylon bags are also lightweight and cleaning them is very easy. However their strength is lesser than a canvas bag and the durability is also less. We would not suggest to choose a cotton or polyester mat bag. 

Durability of the mat bag

Durability of the the bag is directly linked to the material. It is better to choose a bag with a material like canvas that has a longer life and comes with water resistance.

This not only ensures that your yoga mat bag has a longer life but also increases the durability and safety of your yoga mat.

Size of mat bag

The average yoga mat available is usually between 26 to 28 inches wide. That is why the choice of right yoga mat bag  is governed by the size of yoga mat that you use. 

One other factor that governs the size of yoga mat is the amount of storage space that you require while carrying the yoga mat to your class .

If you are looking to carry other yoga accessories like yoga blocks and yoga bolsters along with your yoga mat, you need an over-sized yoga mat bag.

Number of compartments

The number of compartments available in yoga mat bag are dependent on the type of bag that you choose.

Normal duffel bags or sling bags usually come with multiple compartments. It’s important to focus on the use of each compartment before choosing the right bag for you. It’s better if you have a dedicated compartment for your yoga mat combined with another compartment for your accessories like yoga blocks or yoga bolsters. You can have one more compartment for your changing clothes. 

However the final choice is dependent on your personal preference and should be one of the most important factors that you should consider.

Style and purpose of the bag

As mentioned above, in addition to the sling straps there are three types of yoga mat bags available including the duffel bag, the sling bag and backpack with yoga mat holder.

The style that is most suitable for you is dependent on the purpose for which you are going to use the bag.

If you are looking for a multi purpose bag that you can use not only to your yoga class but also in your everyday life, choosing something like a duffel bag or a backpack is the most sensible option.

Types of yoga mat bags

When it comes to buying the best mat bag, there are multiple options. The type of bag that you choose is dependent on your personal preference and the functionality that you expect from it. You can buy a simple duffel bag, a generic backpack, a generic sling bag or simply a strap to carry your yoga mat to the yoga studio.

Duffel bag

Usually these bags are slightly more costly as compared to the other types that are available in the market.

Duffel bags usually offer more storage space as compared to other yoga bags. If you are looking to carry additional yoga accessories like yoga blocks, bolsters or changing clothes, it is advisable to choose a duffel bag.

This bag also comes in handy for people who have to use thicker yoga mats due to knee problems.  If you want your yoga mat bag to fit in your Pilates mat as well, duffel bag is the right choice.

Simple backpack with yoga mat holder

There are several backpack product which are available that have a separate yoga mat compartment. Usually the separate pockets have a strap with them so that your yoga mat can be tied in place.

These backpacks have ample storage space for all your yoga accessories, clothes or any other supplies. If you are looking for a versatile yoga mat bag option which can also be used in generic situations then a backpack with yoga mat holder will be the best choice for you.

Sling straps to carry yoga mats

Sling straps are not technically a yoga mat bag. However if we talk about the options which are available to carry your yoga mat to the class, they are definitely one of the preferred alternatives available.

These straps consist of a simple system that ties up the mat. They are extremely lightweight and easy to carry. They are cheaper also as compared to the other types of carrying options that you can explore.

In addition this will also mean that your yoga mat will be exposed to dust and water. That is why if you are looking for a safe storage space for yoga mat, a sling strap might not be the best option.

If you are only looking for a convenient way to carry your yoga mat to the yoga class then string straps might be the way to go.

Sling bag

Just like duffel bags, sling bags are also available in the market. They can be used to carry your yoga mat and yoga supplies. They also have an adjustable shoulder strap which is very handy.

Do you really need a yoga mat bag?

Carrying your yoga mat and yoga accessories to your yoga Studio can be very tiring. A perfect yoga bag which has sufficient space to keep your supplies and accessories would really be helpful in overcoming this.

Best yoga mat bag

For a number of yoga practitioners the yoga mat is a critical part of their yogic practice. That is why it is very important to give the right storage space to your yoga mat.

A yoga mat bag not only keeps your mat tucked in comfortably but also reduces the chance of its wear and tear.


Since a yoga mat forms the foundation of all your yoga practice, it is critical to carry and store it properly. A good yoga mat bag comes in handy for such a requirement. It not only is the perfect choice of caring your yoga mat to the class but can also provide you ample storage space for your other yoga equipments and accessories. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to buy a water-proof mat bag?

It is advisable to buy a waterproof yoga mat bag because you should not be worried about the safety of your yoga mat while going to yoga class. That is why a lot of yoga practitioners prefer a canvas mat bag since it comes with water resistant properties.

Can a yoga mat be used for carrying Pilates mat as well?

Usually the Pilates mats are thicker than the normal yoga mats and require more storage space. If you have bought an over-sized yoga mat bag you might be able to carry your Pilate’s mat in the same bag is well.

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