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Best meditation shawl | Top picks & ultimate buying guide

Meditation helps you to relax and concentrate by shutting down all distractions. It calms your mind and has immense benefits for both mental and physical health. However, this is a practice which needs a lot of effort and dedication. There are some meditation accessories which play an important role in making this journey easier like a meditation cushion, meditation chair or a meditation shawl. Choosing the best meditation shawl allows you to feel more comfortable during meditation sessions and prevents unnecessary physical distractions.

Best meditation shawl

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Best meditation shawl: Our top picks

Here are our top picks for the best meditation shawl available in the market today.

Om Shanti Crafts Shawl 

The Om Shanti crafts meditation shawl is made of premium wool blend. It is composed of 60% Australian wool and 40% polyester. It has a simple but elegant design.

The meditation shawl is perfect for daily meditative sessions. It is an over-sized shawl which can be used in a versatile manner.

The shawl is perfect for all seasons since its lightweight enough for summers but provides sufficient warmth during winters as well. It is a hand woven product from India. 

Indian Om Mantra Hand Block Printed Scarf Prayer Shawl

This yoga shawl is hand block printed. It has multiple mantras printed on each shawl. The material for the meditation shawl is cotton and its size is approximately 70 inches by 36 inches.

Exotic India Plain Men’s Shawl

The Exotic India plain men’s shawl has a brown woven border. It is made of pure wool and it is made in India. It is an over-sized shawl which will be perfect for all your meditative sessions. The only downside is that it has to be hand washed.

Handmade Yoga Om Nama Shiva Prayer Shawl

This meditative shawl has a sanskrit mantra printed on it. It is made of cotton and is a versatile meditation accessory that can be used in a myriad of ways.

Large Om Scarf Wrap

Falari Women’s Woven Reversible Paisley Pashmina Shawl 

This is a Pashmina shawl which is composed of 55% Pashmina and 45% silk. The size is also sufficient for all meditative sessions. The only limitation is that you can only hand wash this meditation shawl.

Meditation Shawl

Tibetan Shawl

Large, Superior Kani Shawl.

This meditation shawl is made of 100% wool and the makers recommend only to dry clean it. It is over-sized and can be used for a variety of purposes. In terms of design, it is covered with a finely detailed pattern.

Gayatri Mantra & Om Prayer Yoga Shawl

OM Yoga Prayer Shawl 

Choosing the best meditation shawl: factors to consider

There are multiple styles of meditation shawls that are available in the market. The most important factor to consider before choosing the the best meditation shawl is comfort. However you should also put some emphasis on the shawl design because it will play a very important role in the ambiance of the place where you meditate.

The final choice of a meditation shawl is dependent on your personal preferences. Here are the factors that you need to take into account before you choose the right meditation shawl for you.

Comfort and shawl thickness

How comfortable a meditation shawl feels is a function of the material and shawl thickness. Most of the shawls available in the market provide sufficient comfort and warmth.

It is usually better to go with a thicker meditation shawl since they are more firm and heavier. Since the meditation shawls also perform the purpose of providing support to your shoulders and back during long sitting sessions, a heavier shawl is better to practice meditation.

Poses like the Padmasana and Vajrasana are very popular to practice medication. Different meditation practitioners prefer different poses. It is important that you are shawl is versatile enough to cover you in all these poses.

A thicker shawl can also be used to provide support to your legs and your knees if required.

Length of the shawl

While choosing the perfect length of the shawl, the basic rule of thumb that has to be followed is that it should be at least as long as your height. 

Even though there are multiple length options available,  it is better to choose the longer oversized options Because they will be more versatile.

Quality of the material

Meditation shawls are available in a wide variety of materials like cotton, wool, polyester and silk.

Cotton is a light material which is also environment friendly. It is soft and easy to maintain. However it has lesser thickness and may not provide you the required amount of support that you need for longer meditative sessions.

Meditation shawls made of wool are warm and comfortable and have sufficient thickness. They are environment friendly as well. But their maintenance is relatively difficult as compared to the other materials.

best meditation shawl

Silk is also highly preferred material for the meditation shawl. It is completely natural and eco-friendly. The feel of silk fabric against your skin is really pleasant. It is extremely soft and provides the required warmth as well.

Before choosing the best meditation shawl for you, you need to ensure that the material is soft and durable as well.

We would recommend choosing a silk or wool meditation shawl as it will fit in all the criteria.

Ease of travel

Shawls which are extremely over-sized and thick make for bad travel companions because they take up a lot of space and are very heavy.

Before choosing the perfect meditation shawl, don’t forget to consider how difficult or easy it will be to take it around during your travel.

Benefits of using a meditation shawl

Using a meditation shawl improves the effectiveness of your meditative sessions and makes your journey more enjoyable. Here are the most important benefits that a meditation shawl offers to you.

Provides comfort and warmth

The biggest problem that new meditation practitioners face is an inability to focus their mind and to avoid distractions. Although a lot of these distractions are mental, physical distractions also play a big role.

It is very important to minimize physical distractions so that you can focus on calming your mind and meditate. 

A meditation shawl provides you with comfort and warmth during early morning meditation sessions. Depending on the yoga pose that you prefer while meditating, you can wrap it around your body in multiple manners. It is a very versatile meditation accessory which will fit in any posture that you prefer.

It also allows you to maintain a proper seating position for longer periods of time.

Provides bodily support

A meditation shawl provides support to your shoulders and your back when you are sitting stationary for long periods of time.

It is extremely common for people to bend their backs or have hunched shoulders after meditating for sometime. Meditation shawl ensures that you maintain proper posture throughout your meditative session.

In addition it also provides support so that the physical discomfort is minimized.

Can be carried around easily

Meditation shawls are an extremely versatile meditation accessory. They are usually very lightweight and can be carried around even when you are travelling. Although for providing support they are not as good as your blanket but they can be used as a yoga bolster in a makeshift arrangement.


Meditation shawls are very important meditation products that help to ensure that you are able to practice mindfulness on a regular basis. They avoid unnecessary distractions and provide you comfort and warmth during your meditative sessions. If you are a regular meditation practitioner or you plan to practice meditation for at least a few hours every week, it would be really beneficial to invest in the best meditation shawl. 

It would really help in taking your meditative sessions to the next level.

Frequently asked questions

What is a meditation shawl?

Meditation shawls are also known as prayer shawls. They are relatively large shawls which are wrapped around your body when you are meditating. They have been used for centuries by people in different parts of the world for meditation purposes.

A meditation shawl covers your body during meditation sessions and also keeps your mind from getting distracted by small physical stimuli. In a lot of cultures, it is believed that the shawls hold the energy that gets accumulated during meditation and have a positive effect on your mind.

One practical reason that is also attributed to the regular usage of meditation shawls is the fact that  the body cools down during meditation sessions. The shawls provide warmth to the body and prevent physical discomfort.

Why do you need a meditation shawl?

Meditation shawls are used by practitioners to cover and wrap their body for extra support.

Since your body will remain stationary for a long period of time during meditation sessions, a meditation shawl will provide support to you so that you can sit in the right posture. In addition it will also provide warmth to you.

As soon as you start meditating there are multiple thoughts that starts swarming your mind. It is important to ensure that you are sitting in a room with the least amount of distractions. Meditation shawl helps to create a safe space and makes it possible to sit immobile without getting distracted by smallest of physical stimulus.

Meditation shawls helps in creating the right ambiance since they are warm and cozy. This allows you to get into a more relaxed mindset easily and have a good meditative experience.

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