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Best meditation blanket | Top picks & ultimate buying guide

Yoga focuses on your overall well being and does not put focus only on physical aspect. This is where meditation becomes extremely important because it helps you in focusing your mind and in relaxation. It not only improves your mental health but has huge physical benefits also. A meditation blanket is a practical accessory which improves your meditative experience. That is why it’s very important to choose only the best meditation blanket because it supports you during meditation and provide comfort and warmth.

Best meditation blanket

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Best meditation blanket: Our top picks

Here are our top picks for the best meditation blanket available in the market today.

YogaAccessories Traditional Mexican Yoga Blanket

The Yoga accessories traditional Mexican yoga blanket is made of acrylic polyester and cotton. It comes in multiple colors and it is machine washable so that there is no hassle in maintaining the meditation blanket.

Open Road Goods Yoga Blanket

This blanket is made of Cotton, Acrylic and Polyester blend. It is an extra large blanket which is firmer and thicker as compared to the traditional yoga blankets.

At the same time it is machine washable. It is a versatile blanket which can be used on picnics, on the beach or as a yoga prop to provide support to your body during different yoga poses.

Hand Woven Thunderbird Mexican Yoga Blanket

This blanket is made of Acrylic, Polyester and Cotton. It is extra thick, warm and very soft against the skin. The manufacturer has also ensured that it can be maintained easily since it is machine washable. It is a hand woven blanket produced in Mexico.

Manduka Recycled Wool Blanket

Manduka is one of the most well known brands in the yoga accessories space. This recycled wool blanket has a dense wave which is resistant to stretching. It is made from 100% recycled fibers. It has a mix of recycled wool and synthetic fibers. It provides the yoga practitioners with warmth and it feels extremely comfortable against the skin.

Since it is a wool blanket, the makers recommend to dry clean it or to use only mild detergents for maintenance.

El Paso Designs Mexican Yoga Blanket

El Paso Mexican yoga blanket is a traditional handmade Mexican falsa blanket. It is a versatile blanket that can be used as a yoga blanket a meditation blanket or as a prop for different yogasanas.

It is made of soft recycled fibers and is environment friendly as well.

Lotuscrafts Yoga Blanket Cotton

The Lotuscrafts yoga blanket is made of 100% cotton fiber. It is an organic product which is high quality and extremely durable. This blanket is environment friendly and is perfect for use as a meditation blanket.

Yogi Yoga Mexican Bed Blanket

MEXIMART Yoga Blanket

This is an authentic Mexican falsa blanket that can be used for meditative purposes.

Choosing the best meditation blanket: factors to consider

There are different styles of meditation blankets which are available in the market. Although it is very important to prioritize your comfort while choosing a meditation blanket, our suggestion would also be to focus on the design. The reason is that these blankets will play a very important part in the ambiance of your meditation place. 

The most important part is to ensure that it feels comfortable warm and cozy to you. The final choice of the perfect meditation blanket is a matter of complete personal preference. Your choice of blanket showcases how you prefer to become relaxed so that you can meditate properly.

best meditation blanket our top picks

Quality of the material

Meditation blankets are available in a wide variety of materials. They are usually made from Wool, Acrylic, Polyester or Cotton.

Cotton is environment friendly material. It is very soft and easy to maintain. However it is lighter as compared to other materials like wool and may not provide the required amount of support if you are planning to use the blanket as support prop as well.

Wool provides sufficient weight and is also warm and more comfortable. But the maintenance of wool blankets will be relatively difficult as compared to other materials.

The most popular material for meditation blankets is either the blended option or the polyester option. The reason is that these are relatively cheaper and easier to maintain.

While choosing the material of your meditation blanket you need to ensure that it is soft and durable so that it does not add to your distractions during the meditative practice.

Style of the blanket

There are a number of styles of blankets available. The most popular ones are the traditional Mexican blankets which are also referred to as the Falsa blankets. 

In addition to the Mexican blanket, there are also the tight weave blankets and felted blankets that you can consider.

Comfort and blanket thickness

The comfort provided by a blanket is a function of blanket material and blanket thickness. Most of the materials mentioned above provide sufficient comfort and warmth for you to practice meditation without any distractions.

When it comes to thickness, it is usually better to choose a thicker meditation blanket. The reason is that such blankets are more firm and heavier. As a result they are more helpful in maintaining your posture when you are sitting to practice meditation. They also provide more warmth.

Since different practitioner’s prefer to practice meditation in widely varying poses, it is important that the meditation blanket is able to support all these meditation positions.

The blanket needs to have sufficient strength to accommodate all meditative poses and this is where choosing a thicker blanket would be more helpful.

A thicker blanket also helps as a better support prop for your knees, ankles and other joints. 

Length of the blanket

Although blankets are available in multiple length options, the general rule that you should follow is that it should be at least as long as your height. 

You can still choose the longer over-sized options because folding them in different thicknesses to provide support will be easier and you will have more choices.

Ease of travel

Over-sized and thicker blankets are not really suitable for travel because they add a lot of weight and take up space. Even though such blankets provide more versatility and can be used as yoga props as well, you still has to consider how suitable they will be if you have to travel.

Benefits of a meditation blanket

Provides support to your body

Since you are going to sit in a stationary position during your meditative sessions, it is important to be physically comfortable so that to you are not distracted.

A meditation blanket provides you the required support at your shoulders and your back. It can also be used as a bolster for your knees and ankles so that you don’t feel pain in your joints.

Provides warmth and comfort

Meditation blanket also provides warmth and comfort to you during your early morning meditation sessions. Since it is a very versatile meditation prop, you can wrap your body in it in multiple ways. It also offers some back support so that you are able to maintain your posture while meditating.

With the meditation blanket you are able to maintain a proper sitting position and get the most of your meditative sessions.

Is travel friendly

With an increasing popularity of yoga and meditation, there are a number of accessories which are being marketed regularly to yoga practitioners. This includes the props like yoga bolsters and yoga blocks. However carrying all this in case you are travelling is very difficult. This ends up affecting the regularity of your yoga practice when you are moving around.

Meditation blankets comes in handy in situations like this. It is a versatile prop which can be used to during meditation or to provide support to your body while practicing difficult yoga poses.


Meditation blankets are a very important prop to ensure that you are able to practice mindfulness regularly. They provide you comfort and warmth and avoid any distractions. So if you are someone who practices or plans to practice meditation for a few hours every week, it is important to invest in the best meditation blanket and take your mindfulness practice to the next level.

Frequently asked questions

What is a meditation blanket?

Meditation blanket is a relatively over-sized blanket which can be used during meditative sessions for warmth and comfort. They can also be used to provide support during different yoga poses as a bolster. 

They are a very versatile yoga and meditation accessory and are available in multiple sizes, materials and designs. As a a prop they are extremely convenient because they are versatile and can easily be carried around even when you are travelling.

If you are just starting your meditative sessions, you might start with simple yoga cushions for support and a normal blanket.  But if you are someone who practices meditation regularly for a few hours every week, it would really help to spend some money on getting the best meditation blanket as it will definitely add a lot of value to your practice.

Why is a meditation blanket needed?

Practicing medication is extremely helpful for your emotional and mental well-being. A short 15 minute meditation session everyday can have a huge impact on the quality of life for you.

However, the art of meditation does not really come naturally to a lot of people. As soon as we try to sit down, our mind starts wondering and it is difficult to focus. That is why it is important to ensure that we have the right ambiance which is devoid of any distractions. This will help in getting into the right mindset so that you can practice meditation consistently.

Meditation blanket helps you in creating that ambiance. You can use it as an over-sized blanket on your body to avoid physical discomfort like cold. Since most of the blankets are warm and cozy, they help to get rid of such annoyances. By use of a meditation blanket, you will be able to get into a relaxed mindset and have a good meditative experience

best meditation shawl

Practicing meditation puts a lot of pressure on your knees, ankles and back. Use of meditation blanket as a support prop helps in overcoming this pressure. It allows you to sit comfortably for a longer period of time without getting distracted by physical discomfort.

You can practice meditation in the traditional yoga poses like Padmasana. These blankets help you in maintaining your yoga pose for longer duration by providing support to the relevant body parts.

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