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Best meditation bench | Top picks & ultimate buying guide

Practicing regular meditation offers a lot of benefits for your mind and your overall well being. It reduces stress and anxiety. In addition it also calms you down and is an antidote to the strain that are our daily busy life puts on us. But a lot of new meditation practitioners struggle with the ability to concentrate due to physical discomfort and rely on different meditation accessories for enablement. Choosing the best meditation bench is one such option that will allow you to practice meditation in the right posture and to concentrate better.

best meditation bench

We have given our top picks for best meditation chair, best meditation blanket and the best mediation shawl also that you can refer.

Best meditation bench: Our top picks

When you are sitting for longer periods of time for your meditative sessions it is highly imperative that you are maintaining a good posture. Otherwise you are risking injury to your spine and your knees and back. Practice of yoga poses like the Lotus pose, Supported shoulder stand, thunderbolt pose or the supported bridge pose increases stamina and helps you to focus for longer periods of time.

However, using a meditation bench would help you in achieving the good posture throughout your session. So here are our top picks for the best meditation bench available in market.

Meditation Bench- Acacia wood

This is one of the most popular benches that is available today. It is a handmade product created from a Acacia wood. It has rounded and angled pedestal legs which ensure stability. 

The seat for the bench is also cushioned for your comfort. this bench will work for meditation practitioners who are up to 5 feet 11 inches in height.

The only drawback is that it is not a foldable bench which means it will take a little bit more space in storage. However the makers claim that it provides more stability as compared to the foldable meditation benches.

simplysitting handcrafted Bench 


This is an economically designed bench which enables the kneeling posture while you are sitting for meditation. This posture is more balanced and keeps you relaxed for longer meditation sessions. It also holds your spine in the right position. As a result it provides relief from back and shoulder tension with more relaxed muscles that promote longer seating duration.

This is a handmade bench whose curved and arched seat  provides comfortable seating. It also comes in three different sizes so that you can hand pick the one that would be  most comfortable for you.

The seating position promoted by these benches provides balance and promote better blood circulation.

It is also travel friendly and it can be dismantled by removing both legs. It also comes with a cotton travel bag that is 100% organic.

Meditation bench

This meditation bench offers 3 different height adjustments so that it can be customized according to your sitting height requirements. It has a sufficiently wide sitting pad which is a non slip pad. It also provides a curved base and gives better balance and alignment to your body.

Mindful and Modern Folding Bench 

This bench removes any need to cross your legs while you are practicing meditation. This leads to lesser pressure on your legs and your back and also provides an ability for deeper breathing. It increases focus and promotes better blood circulation.

The bench has secure magnetic hinges and that lock strongly and provide stability to the meditation practitioner. It is made of sustainable bamboo material which is highly environment friendly.

It is a product that you can easily take with you during your travels. Since it comes with money back guarantee you can try out this product without bearing any risks.

Lotuscrafts Meditation Bench Dharma Foldable

The Lotuscrafts bench comes with a padded bench top. It provides comfort even during the longer meditative sessions that you can have. With its angled meditation seat it helps you to sit in the kneeling position for a longer period of time. This automatically puts yours spine in the right alignment.

The bench is easy to store and extremely practical. It comes with multiple size options and you can choose the one that is most convenient for you.

Ananda Woodworking Folding Bench

The Ananda meditation bench has angled hardwood legs that provide a firm support and it is very sturdy. The bench is designed ergonomically and it keeps your back upright and relaxed for the whole meditation session.

The bench has organic cotton upholstery and  padding at the bench top that is very comfortable.

Bean Products Bamboo Bench

This is a sustainable bamboo meditation bench which has extra tight hinges to prevent any instability. Because of its foldability, it can and be carried around while you are travelling and requires very less storage space.

How to choose the best meditation bench: factors to consider

Here are the factors that you need to consider before you buy the best meditation bench for you.

Material of the meditation bench

Meditation benches are available in a variety of materials including wood and bamboo. In addition some of these benches also provide a padding on the seating surface for added comfort.

It is important to choose a meditation chair that has a sufficiently sturdy material to ensure that it can bear your load without any wobbling or instability. Using a padded bench surface also improves your meditation experience and allows you to sit for longer periods of time without fidgeting.

Seating height

Since you will be sitting in a kneeling position while practicing meditation with the meditation bench,  it is very important to ensure that you are getting the right height. If not you will face additional strain in your legs, buttocks and back which will not allow you to sit comfortably.

best meditation bench for good posture

Most of the benches available in the market either have an adjustable height option or they are available in multiple sizes and you can choose the one most suitable for you.

The sitting height is the most critical decision factor that you have to to take care of because numbing of legs due to a wrong posture is a very highly prevalent problem.

Design of the meditation bench

In terms of design, meditation benches have a couple of differences between them.

One is whether they have foldable or non-foldable legs. Having a foldable leg reduces the storage space that a bench requires and also increases its portability. However if this is not done properly by the manufacturer it can lead to increased instability and discomfort for the user.

There are some meditation benches which have curved bench tops. This allows more comfortable seating and no slipping. 

In a lot of benches, this problem is overcome by providing a padded top which is also upholstered with non-slip fabric. This provides even more comfort to the user for longer meditative sessions.

Durability of the meditation bench

Durability of the meditation bench is very important because it is going to be your constant companion throughout your meditative journey.  That is why it should be able to withstand wear and tear that it will be subjected to because of regular usage. The materials which are normally used in a meditation bench are stronger and quite durable so you don’t have to worry about this aspect a lot.

However don’t forget to refer other customer reviews before making your final decision.

Portability and storage space required for meditation bench

Meditation benches are small in size and not very heavy. So they are usually highly portable and can be stored in a smaller space. However there are options like foldable leg meditation benches that will be more comfortable to carry along while you are travelling.

There are some meditation benches which also come with their own carry bags to improve their travel suitability.

Benefits of a meditation bench

Here are the major benefits that you can reap by using a meditation bench in your meditation sessions on a regular basis.

Better seating posture

A meditation bench enables you to sit in a better posture. Sitting for meditation using these benches straightens your spine and aligns it properly.

This ensures that you do not put undue pressure on your back during meditation. 

Promotes better focus and concentration

Using a meditation bench keeps your body relaxed and removes undue strain. This ensure that physical distractions don’t take away your focus. Regular use of meditation bench brings higher focus and concentration in your practice.

Better seating

With options like non-slip seating pads for curved bench surface, meditation benches are designed in a manner that allows you to sit for longer periods of time without straining yourself.

They are extremely comfortable and remove the possibility of slouching on maintaining a bad posture while you are meditating.

Regular meditation practice

For me at a personal level, meditation benches have bought a certain seriousness to my regular meditative sessions. Since they are highly portable and you can carry them along while travelling as well, they ensure that you are able to to cut down on distractions at least for a few minutes everyday to meditate.

Prevents numbness

If you are using a meditation bench you will not be facing issues like numbness in your legs or your toes after sitting in that position for a long period of time. As a result you can sustain your meditative sessions longer.


Meditation benches are an essential product during your starting meditative sessions. They will help you in relaxing and freeing up your mind from physical distractions. They will promote a better posture and you will be able to meditate without any discomfort in your back or feet. That is why if you are someone who is planning to meditate on a regular basis, investing in the best meditation bench will be a wise move.

Frequently asked questions

What is a meditation bench?

Meditation bench also called the prayer bench helps you to sit in the kneeling position for longer periods of time while you are trying to meditate without putting undue pressure on your knees, ankles, back and neck.

For people who are starters in the practice of meditation, the experience of not being able to focus because of small distractions is all too common. Meditation products like the meditation bench help you in overcoming these physical distractions so that you are able to focus and concentrate better.

This allows you to sit in a calm and stress free manner. These benches have been known to compensate for the initial lack of flexibility that a lot meditation practitioners might have.

What is a seiza bench?

The traditional pose of sitting on a meditation bench is called a seiza position. That is why an alternate name for these benches is also the Seiza bench. Using a meditation bench to sit in this position elevates your hips and reduces the pressure on your joints in knees and ankles. It also makes your spine align properly.

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